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Green is No. 3 behind Epstein, Veeck
as the Cubs' all-time baseball executive

By George Castle
Friday, March 24nd, 2017

Dallas Green was almost larger than life in his long career.

Dallas Green was almost larger than life in his long career.

In tributes to former Cubs impresario Dallas Green, who passed away at 82 the other day, a comparison with his successor six times removed have been made – he was "Theo before Theo."

Not exactly. Theo Epstein sealed the deal, albeit after crashing the talent end of the Cubs and taking their broadcast ratings with them in the process while team ticket prices did not also decline.

Clothes did not make
the man in six-time
champion GM Krause

By George Castle
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Jerry Krause ensured he'd attend and speak out about Bill Veeck, whom he considered a

Jerry Krause. Photo courtesy of Dr. David J. Fletcher, CBM.

In his public appearances, Jerry Krause was old-school rumpled, usually wearing a suit but obviously doing so under a bit of duress.

Clothes obviously did not make the man. My striking all-time image of Krause came in 1989, two years before the Chicago Bulls dynasty he general-managed won its first title. Somehow, before a real standoffish stance toward media took hold, I was granted an interview at his suburban Skokie home. When I arrived, Krause was attired in gym shorts and a T-shirt while he reviewed VHS tapes of players he scouted.



Talking Cubs heads all top CSN Chicago producers need in riveting 'Reign Men'

By George Castle, CBM Historian
Posted Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Reign Men taps into a compelling oral history of Game 7 in the 2016 World Series.

Reign Men taps into a compelling oral history of Game 7 in the 2016 World Series.

Some of the most riveting TV can be a bunch of talking heads.

The best example is enjoying multiple airings on CSN Chicago, the first at 9:30 p.m. Monday, March 27. When a one-hour documentary combines Theo Epstein and his Merry Men of Wrigley Field, who can talk as good a game as they play, with the video skills of world-class producers Sarah Lauch and Ryan McGuffey, you have a must-watch production.

We all know "what" happened in the Game 7 Cubs victory of the 2016 World Series that turned from potentially the most catastrophic loss in franchise history into its most memorable triumph in just a few minutes in Cleveland. Now, thanks to the sublime reporting and editing skills of Lauch and McGuffey, we now have the "how" and "why" through the oral history contained in "Reign Men: The Story Behind Game 7 of the 2016 World Series."

Anyone with sense is tired of the endless shots of the 35-and-under bar crowd whooping it up for top sports events. The word here is gratuitous. "Reign Men" largely eschews those images and other "color" shots in favor of telling the story.

And what a tale to tell. Lauch and McGuffey, who have a combined 20 sports Emmy Awards in hand for their labors, could have simply done a rehash of what many term the greatest Game 7 in World Series history. But that would be below their standards. The finished product of "Reign Men" breaks new ground in providing perspective not previously published or broadcast on the Cubs' championship.

For instance, the common perception was Joe Maddon suddenly evolved into a Mad Hatter or the Ghost of Leo Durocher in his strange handling of pitchers in Games 6 and 7.

Cubs connections
in Team Israel

White Sox's New
Trier connection

World Series debut

A multi-media celebration of Chicago’s own Double Duty Radcliffe

'Double Duty' Ted Radcliffe: Chicago's own Negro League superstar

Double Duty Ted Radcliffe was Chicago’s own Negro League superstar. Those who knew him and his work insist Duty would have been a star big-leaguer behind the plate and a very competent starting pitcher had the color line not been firmly entrenched in the prime of his career.

In connection with the DD Classic and as a permanent way to honor Duty, the Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting this special tribute to the great man and also assisted with the Double Duty exhibit at the DuSable Museum. On our 'Double Duty' microsite, we recount his long career with his own words, photos that show the ballplayer, the colorful personality and as a special treat, Duty’s own taped recollections from WGN-TV’s 1992 "Chicago American Giants" special.

Visit the 'Double Duty' microsite >>
Visit White Sox’ Double Duty Classic >>

Jack Brickhouse: Our man
for all sports seasons

Jack Brickhouse: Our man for all seasons

Jack Brickhouse enjoyed a life of firsts. He was the first voice heard on WGN-TV when it signed on 1948. He was the first Chicago voice heard on a trans-Atlantic satellite broadcast in 1962. He called eight no-hitters, six Gale Sayers touchdowns in one game and the better part of 45 runs scored in a 1979 Cubs-Phillies contest.

The Chicago Baseball Museum pays tribute to Brickhouse in this special Jack Brickhouse microsite at a time the Cubs are honoring him with a special bobblehead day, as part of their Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration. The website recalls different facets of Brickhouse’s life, including stories, photos from the collection of Pat Brickhouse, Jack’s wife, and a wide variety of video and audio highlights from his career.

Visit the Jack Brickhouse microsite >>
Chicago Tribune: Cubs will honor
Jack Brickhouse Friday >>

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