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Baseball TV rights future uncertain,
if you ask Newt Minow

By George Castle
Monday, September 26th, 2016

Spend an hour with Newton Minow, a living, breathing museum of history with all his faculties at 90, and inevitably you want any question connected with broadcasting answered.

Newt Minow in his office displaying a 2006 photo of then-Sen. Barack Obama with him and Abner Mikva.

Newt Minow in his office displaying a 2006 photo of then-Sen. Barack Obama with him and Abner Mikva.

The most prominent former Federal Communications Commission chairman in history and godfather of the presidential debate system took me on a time trip in his Sidley Austin law office in the Loop. Along the way, I asked how the sports-TV rights bubble could be maintained, given the wrenching changes in the media due to the internet and ubiquitous, hypnotic iPhones.



Keeping Cubs sharp for NLDS is key
to World Series victory quest

By George Castle, CBM Historian
Posted Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Jim Riggleman believes three at-bats daily for Cubs regulars will keep them sharp through most of the final week.

Jim Riggleman believes three at-bats daily for Cubs regulars will keep them sharp through most of the final week.

How can Joe Maddon strike a balance between resting his players and keeping them sharp — physically and mentally — so they go can into the National League Division Series on a high?

To get the answers, we queried another capable manager type — Jim Riggleman — who probably could have done as well as Maddon if he had the talent back in the 1990s. We also checked with Ed Hearn, the backup catcher on the wildly dominant, swaggering 1986 New York Mets, which won 108 games and yet still needed the good luck of a ball slithering through Bill Buckner's legs to win the World Series.

After the Cubs completed their last significant regular-season series of the year against the arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals, Maddon had the equivalent of the end of spring training with seven games against the out-of-it Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds.

Riggleman endorses Maddon’s BP ban,
shorter clubhouse hours >>

The day Holtzman
beat Koufax

Architect Phil Bess
on re-done Cell

Herbert Perry,
no longer 'Milkman'

A multi-media celebration of Chicago’s own Double Duty Radcliffe

'Double Duty' Ted Radcliffe: Chicago's own Negro League superstar

Double Duty Ted Radcliffe was Chicago’s own Negro League superstar. Those who knew him and his work insist Duty would have been a star big-leaguer behind the plate and a very competent starting pitcher had the color line not been firmly entrenched in the prime of his career.

In connection with the DD Classic and as a permanent way to honor Duty, the Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting this special tribute to the great man and also assisted with the Double Duty exhibit at the DuSable Museum. On our 'Double Duty' microsite, we recount his long career with his own words, photos that show the ballplayer, the colorful personality and as a special treat, Duty’s own taped recollections from WGN-TV’s 1992 "Chicago American Giants" special.

Visit the 'Double Duty' microsite >>
Visit White Sox’ Double Duty Classic >>

Jack Brickhouse: Our man
for all sports seasons

Jack Brickhouse: Our man for all seasons

Jack Brickhouse enjoyed a life of firsts. He was the first voice heard on WGN-TV when it signed on 1948. He was the first Chicago voice heard on a trans-Atlantic satellite broadcast in 1962. He called eight no-hitters, six Gale Sayers touchdowns in one game and the better part of 45 runs scored in a 1979 Cubs-Phillies contest.

The Chicago Baseball Museum pays tribute to Brickhouse in this special Jack Brickhouse microsite at a time the Cubs are honoring him with a special bobblehead day, as part of their Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration. The website recalls different facets of Brickhouse’s life, including stories, photos from the collection of Pat Brickhouse, Jack’s wife, and a wide variety of video and audio highlights from his career.

Visit the Jack Brickhouse microsite >>
Chicago Tribune: Cubs will honor
Jack Brickhouse Friday >>

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