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CBM Mission

The mission of the Chicago Baseball Museum is to collect and preserve artifacts as well as document, research and interpret historical events for the advancement of local baseball and the education and enjoyment of its diverse fan base. We will strive to become the central network for the sport in the Chicago area in the form of exhibits, publications, conferences, online services and other activities.

The museum was founded in 2008 as a privately funded, non-profit group. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.


2013 CBM Feasibility and Marketing Study

In the summer of 2013, Northwestern University's graduate Kellogg School of Business conducted a study surveying the feasibility and marketability of a Chicago Baseball Museum. The results the prestigious school found proved to be positive.

Following is the final draft of the study that factored in several forms of research on baseball fans.
Download the Northwestern Kellogg School of Business study on CBM in 2013 >>


George "Buck" Weaver

August 18, 1890

Pottstown, PA



April 11, 1912

Primary Position:
Infield (SS, 3B)

Primary Team:
Chicago White Sox