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Find '72 Rewind articles on our Features page...

'72 Rewind tribute event: "The Return of Dick Allen and the Team That Saved Our Sox"...

01.12.2018 Randy Hundley advocates enough rest for energetic Willson Contreras

01.05.2018 Langford witness to the onset of peeking in the locker room

01.04.2018 Jim Thome far outdoes youthful role-model Kingman for HOF character

12.21.2017 Top picks' mass success a lucky stroke, says Bears championship GM Jerry Vainisi

12.19.2017 New Year's Resolution: Dawson happily back in Cubs' fold?

12.13.2017 A.J., Omar will talk a good game at different White Sox levels

12.06.2017 Schwarber, Garcia in the spotlight as Cubs, Sox shop at winter meetings

12.05.2017 The Greg Maddux 'money quotes' that too few read in 1991

11.29.2017 Ex-Cub Lester Lancaster craves managing/coaching full time in Mexico

11.20.2017 Doodling, dawdling starters and nervous managers inflate game times

11.15.2017 Internet-fueled media job losses now cut into muscle of baseball coverage

11.08.2017 Chicagoan 'Stelly' honored as lifelong Twins coach, but will always be one-time Cub

11.07.2017 Veecks' Hinsdale home preserved from the wrecking ball by history-loving family

10.31.2017 The eighth try is the charm in Davey Martinez's managerial quest

10.27.2017 Coaches' purge a first for a Cubs' post-postseason

10.26.2017 Mad managers throw postseason pitching up for grabs

10.20.2017 Theo Epstein's first 're-tooling' job at hand for off-season

10.13.2017 'Deep depth' cuts several ways for postseason Chicago Cubs

10.13.2017 Jim Landis one of Chicago's all-time center fielders for Sox

10.06.2017 Glamour envelops Herman Sitrick, but John McDonough's personal tribute the best honors

10.05.2017 Kyle Hendricks has out-Madduxed Greg Maddux as a Chicago Cub

09.29.2017 Dusty rehash unneeded Cubs-Nationals distraction in NLDS

09.20.2017 Fool's gold for Sox, any team to tank season to snare No. 1 draft pick

09.15.2017 ’67 Sox greatest waste of stellar pitching

09.15.2017 ’67 Near Miss Sox – under-loved by South-Side fans

09.05.2017 Pressy his own 'Syncopated Clock' through more than 2,500 games at Wrigley Field Lowery organ

08.29.2017 Eight-track player among the period pieces in Disco Demolition exhibit at Elmhurst History Museum

08.24.2017 Sox pre- and post-game, prospects, Dahl — all in a day's work for WLS' McKnight

08.16.2017 Impressionist Grote granted his freedom to creatively begin, end Cubs broadcasts

08.15.2017 New Sun-Times owner still committed to sports, but by how much?

08.08.2017 Comic giant Klein mined gold in Minoso's sore body parts

08.07.2017 Baylor's Cubs managerial days leave several still-unexplained threads

08.01.2017 Brickhouse Tavern will host 'Hey Hey' memorabilia — but no statue

07.31.2017 Steve Bartman should have been absolved, honored long ago

07.21.2017 Manfred, MLB lobby NCAA for hikes in baseball rides to cut choke point for African-Americans

07.20.2017 Women's baseball week honors past, aims at more accessible future

07.18.2017 Double Duty Classic games need role models to keep the line moving

07.14.2017 Baseball played second fiddle to basketball in Jimenez's athletic start

07.13.2017 Quintana-for-quality kids could be biggest — and best-ever — Cubs-Sox trade

07.11.2017 Cubs postseason hangovers create long-lasting headaches on and off the field

07.10.2017 Mild-mannered man former Cubs ad man Sitrick really the greatest American hero

07.06.2017 Cubs always rooting, but not financial, interest for J.B. Pritzker

06.29.2017 Montero outburst yields to Santo's '69 rips of Young in ranking of Cubs' impact

06.23.2017 Ice cream runs, brownies and late faith: the many sides of Piersall celebrated

06.23.2017 Piersall crazy as a fox as Cubs' minor-league outfield instructor

06.15.2017 The Cubs life of Larry Biittner: '77 surge, '78 opener walkoff, '79 ball-in-the-hat

06.09.2017 CSN Chicago's point man gets advance scouting report on Sox building blocks Moncada, pitchers

06.04.2017 Piersall never politically correct, always a great listen

06.01.2017 Old, comfortable Midwest broadcast style fades further with Hawk’s farewell tour

05.29.2017 Robert great Sox 'get,' but more kids need to come up with him

05.26.2017 Vince and Lou come alive again as WGN honors them with Rosenberg on Walk of Fame

05.24.2017 One baseball switch that went smoothly

05.18.2017 Podsednik shakes off shyness to analyze Sox with Garfein, Melton on CSN Chicago

05.12.2017 Semi-retired Mitchell wants to go back to the speed limit in writing

05.10.2017 Baseball Under Glass: After a slight delay...Cubs to give Dawson alumni ring

05.03.2017 African-Americans players now standouts in baseball for negative reason

05.03.2017 Fans do not benefit from steady drumbeat of baseball coverage cuts

04.26.2017 Lesser lights get Cubs rings while Dawson is ignored

04.25.2017 Ring Lardner gets yet another honor: Chicago Literary HOF membership

04.14.2017 Top 5 games of WGN-TV's 70 seasons of baseball will resonate for a long time

04.08.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Photog brings a more accessible, familial Wrigley Field era to life

04.06.2017 Gamboa finishes well in career after 2002 on-field assault cost him KC job

03.31.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Take a right(field) turn to take measure of Cubs, Sox

03.30.2017 Food for thought — Sox can offer a baseball feast for all

03.24.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Green is No. 3 behind Epstein, Veeck
as the Cubs' all-time baseball executive

03.23.2017 Talking Cubs heads all top CSN Chicago producers need in riveting 'Reign Men'

03.22.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Clothes did not make the man in six-time champion GM Jerry Krause

03.20.2017 Cubs connections a big spur in Team Israel's surprising WBC story

03.17.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Renteria the type to lift Sox, players beyond modest expectations

03.10.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Bill Hands a control pitcher and straight shooter

03.09.2017 Sox's New Trier connection gets stronger with Tilson, Huff

03.06.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Like '69 Cubs, new Durocher book has crucial hole

03.04.2017 Schwarb-O-Meter World Series debut as harrowing as Cubs' comeback

02.28.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Buehrle drafted low, finished high in Sox annals

02.20.2017 Schwarber comeback: One man's determination combined with Cubs modernization

02.08.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Mike Adamle can be heavy-duty starter for understanding athlete-killing CTE's effects

02.01.2017 Bourjos' commute to camp easy, journey to Sox roster spot harder

01.30.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Ryno, Rossy going in opposite directions on managing

01.25.2017 Savvy trades mark timeline of Sox rebuilding projects

01.18.2017 Smith writes off failed HOF bid in final year of eligibility on ballot

01.18.2017 Cardenal's First Fan his clout for entrée to White House

01.11.2017 A little bit of the Cubs will stay with lifetime-secure Dodger Rich Hill

01.10.2017 Baseball Under Glass: Sosa likely not HOF material continuing on his pre-1998 career path

01.02.2017 Can't-miss listening is Pat Hughes' 'The Cubs Win the World Series!' CD

12.29.2016 Good fortune finally outweighs Top 10 of bad stuff in Cubs annals

12.26.2016 Grudzielanek’s longest-lasting Chicago-baseball impact slated at Charlotte

12.20.2016 Like the Cubs themselves, this quilt won’t quit.

12.14.2016 Eternal fan Levy pens a 'never give up' message in new Cubs kids book

12.08.2016 Baseball Under Glass: 'A Season For The Ages' should be choice in crowded Cubs book field

12.07.2016 Serving as face of Sox's rebuilding program is never easy

11.30.2016 Sox stand to outshine champion Cubs at winter meetings

11.29.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Baines consistent, but not quite up to HOF standards

11.22.2016 Sox can survive as lower-cost, accessible alternate to champion Cubs

11.17.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Cubs' triumph makes million-to-one oddsmaker look good

11.08.2016 Baseball Under Glass: How can you split Ford Frick vote between Hughes, Hawk?

11.07.2016 Jenkins, Hands, Holtzman, thrilled for World Series-winning Cubs descendants

11.03.2016 This World Series championship is for all deserving fans and players, past and present

11.01.2016 'Alphonse and Gaston act' in outfield takes starch out of Indians, forces Game 7

10.30.2016 'What a way to go' for Cubs nailing Game 5 in Wrigley season finale

10.29.2016 Cubs kids just have nothing more to give as Indians near title

10.28.2016 Wind-blown Cubs triumph turns into a bunch of hot air in Game 3

10.28.2016 Baseball Under Glass: A long, strange trip to Cubs World Series

10.26.2016 2016 World Series belongs so far to Kyle Schwarber

10.25.2016 Kluber, yes; Lester, no; Schwarber, certainly, as Indians snare Game 1

10.24.2016 Strong connections mark World Series as Cubs picked in 7 games over Indians

10.22.2016 Baseball Under Glass: The world has turned many times since 1945

10.22.2016 Cubs retire million-to-one odds, 71-year wait to achieve World Series dream

10.20.2016 Here we go again: Cubs one win away from World Series after Game 5 triumph

10.19.2016 Underused Contreras helps spark Cubs hitting revival in Game 4

10.18.2016 Arrieta's second-half decline bites Cubs at just the wrong time in Game 3

10.16.2016 LA’s Roberts gets away with stretching Jansen again in Game 2

10.15.2016 Montero gets just rewards for professionalism as Cubs snag Game 1

10.14.2016 Dodgers’ tired pitching staff should help Cubs finally make World Series

10.10.2016 Where have you gone, Gowdy and Garagiola?

10.09.2016 Giants a bunch of Zobrists, but no game breakers

09.28.2016 Keeping Cubs sharp for NLDS is key to World Series victory quest

09.26.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Baseball TV rights future uncertain, if you ask Newt Minow

09.20.2016 The day Holtzman beat Koufax 50 years ago

09.19.2016 What’s true price for the keepsakes of Minnie’s life?

09.13.2016 It's not 'Armour Field,' but re-done Cell passes architect's muster

09.07.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Savvy scout can claim credit for some of Cubs' position-player success

08.30.2016 Chicago was a listening 'desert' for Scully's best work

08.29.2016 No longer the 'Milkman,' Perry tries a pre-cast side to life

08.24.2016 Home-grown players key in past Sox successes

08.15.2016 How did Benetti get a Sox TV job that fits him perfectly?

08.15.2016 Kittle-over-Minoso vote as Sox all-time left fielder puzzling

08.08.2016 Era of good feelings boosted by Caliendo’s Cuba baseball trip

08.04.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Chapman's quest for fire sometimes needs a bit of dousing

08.01.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Ichiro 3-K quest once-in-a-generation treat for Wrigley Field fans

07.27.2016 A-Ram/Lofton in ‘03 only deadline deal where Cubs were clear winners

07.24.2016 Jim Hickman so self-effacing he turned down $25-K lifeline from Durocher

07.23.2016 ’64 Sox, ’70 Cubs lead roster of near-misses

07.15.2016 CSN Chicago airs 9th annual DD Classic at U.S. Cellular Field

07.11.2016 Baseball Under Glass: As he swims for more Olympic gold, Dwyer remembers a doting grandpa

07.07.2016 Eyewitness Hoekstra expands 'Disco Demolition' landscape in book

06.28.2016 '69 Cubs truly become 'ghost team' with death of Hickman

06.23.2016 Eerie replay of 1977 glittering record by 2016 Cubs

06.22.2016 ‘Froggy’ Hands: Maybe cut down Cubs rotation workload in second half?

06.20.2016 Baseball Under Glass: True historian can own 'Old Roman's' papers

05.31.2016 Analyst Jackson sees confidence as key Sox bullpen issue

05.27.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Rich King stylin' to the very end at WGN

05.19.2016 Cubs clubhouse’ sports medicine facility will allow players to return to action faster

05.12.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Lifetime of achievement continues for 'Rosey' at 90

05.12.2016 Garofalo campaigns for trainers' recognition from Cubs

05.05.2016 Will ’16 Cubs be one-of-a-kind team?

05.02.2016 Cubs, Sox were pace-setters in 2008 and other seasons

04.19.2016 Wrigley always was tough homecoming for Capra

04.12.2016 New Cubs clubhouse luxurious, but old quarters entertaining in their own way

04.08.2016 Another heist from St. Louis: Zobrist bled Cardinals red as kid

04.01.2016 Cubs, Sox have reasonable chance to both play into October

03.30.2016 Hemond still valuable marking 65 years in game

03.22.2016 Caliendo embarks on his own journey of baseball diplomacy to Cuba

03.18.2016 Kids were a Sox, Cubs clubhouse staple for decades

03.15.2016 Cubs' Mallee confident his crop of young hitters will adjust in new season

03.09.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Frazier hasn't seen vintage Brooksie, but he'll add his own third-base highlights

03.01.2016 Documentary, Olympics exhibit team up to educate about 1936 Berlin Games

02.29.2016 Einhorn ahead of his time, especially for Sox

02.24.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Hype has blown up in Cubs' faces over the years

02.16.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Full speed ahead for Tommy John surgery alum

02.09.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Hawk the anti-Harry in welcoming new voice Benetti

02.02.2016 Hype won’t peak for Anderson until he actually makes Sox – and avoids letdown

02.02.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Society going the wrong way for Fisk’s tastes

01.27.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Cubs brass must be wary of growing TV-rights bubble

01.26.2016 Thwarted Cub Garvey keeps fans in therapy for '84 feat

Sidebar Story: ’82 deal also affected ’85 Rose record-tying hit

01.18.2016 Spearman upheld the real deal in Negro Leagues

01.13.2016 As a company, CSN Chicago wins 2016 Jerome Holtzman Award

01.12.2016 Baseball Under Glass: Remembering a Cubs pioneer in integration

10.23.2015 Baseball Under Glass: Cubs not at odds with history in Avello projection

10.23.2015 Maddon opens a new Cubs era by proving less is more

09.03.2015 Great outing, even greater people in Sandy Koufax perfecto against Chicago Cubs (Part 2 of 2)
Sidebar: Ring brothers play key part in preserving Koufax broadcast history

08.31.2015 1969 Cubs coach’s voice found via both tape and blood center in his name

08.28.2015 Chicago Cubs were game opponents start to finish in Sandy Koufax’s career (Part 1 of 2)

08.12.2015 Kyle Schwarber projects his own Cubs future as great baseball minds confirm his self-confidence

08.03.2015 In memoriam: A 2002 conversation with Billy Pierce

08.01.2015 Billy Pierce Obituary

07.29.2015 Baseball Commissioner Manfred Declines to Reopen Buck Weaver Case

07.01.2015 Buck Weaver's family pushes to get 'Black Sox' player reinstated

06.22.2015 SABR 45 Rolls Into Chicago Palmer House Hilton June 24-28

04.30.2015 Bizarreness in Baltimore

04.12.2015 "Believe: The Story of the 2005 Chicago White Sox"

03.30.2015 CSNC lands Mandy Patinkin to narrate 2005 Sox doc

Believe: The Story of the 2005 Chicago White Sox will air 04.12.2015 at 7 pm CT, on Comcast Sportsnet

03.29.2015 CBM Letter to Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr.

03.03.2015 Minoso against the best in baseball...

03.02.2015 The Passing of Minnie Minoso and Remembrances by His Sox Teammates

01.26.2015 Mr. Cub could have instead been Mr. Sox

01.24.2015 Countdown to 500 most joyous part of Mr. Cub’s career

01.19.2015 Hype machine for Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, other Cubs kids kicks into mid-winter high gear

01.09.2015 Woody Warm-Up moves to Water Tower Place

01.05.2015 2015 is a new year for Chicago baseball

12.09.2014 Hall of Fame vote disappointing, but ex-Sox made strong showing

12.05.2014 Making the case (again!) for Minnie Minoso

12.03.2014 Crafty Kaat quick-pitches his way into HOF consideration

12.01.2014 Dick Allen best player of his generation not in Hall of Fame - Part Two

11.25.2014 Dick Allen best of his generation not already in HOF - Part One

11.21.2014 Sox historian's view: 'Billy the Kid' a sure Hall of Famer

11.17.2014 Earning HOF berth would truly be a golden era for Minoso, and 3 others with strong Chicago baseball connections

11.17.2014 Veterans Committee: Lots of votes, only 1 inductee

11.06.2014 Vorwald earns CBM award for Emmy-winning show

10.20.2014 World Series predictors get kingly feeling for Royals

10.15.2014 Castle to profile JRW champs, neighborhood that groomed 43-year-old baseball program

09.27.2014 Konerko reserved tough side while 'good cop' persona earned admiration, affection

09.02.2014 CBM changes plans, will not open in Whiting

08.27.2014 Champs, meet champs - The Cell stages grand welcome as parade stop for triumphant JRW

08.24.2014 'JRW' Chicago’s greatest-ever baseball love-in

08.22.2014 ’59 Sox star Landis slowed in body, but not in spirit

08.19.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Hall of Fame replay: Dawson in Cubs cap?

08.18.2014 Education of a catcher in high gear at Kane County

08.12.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Build it, and the kids are coming in droves to Robinson Little League

08.11.2014 Thomas, Maddux speeches represented opposite ends of Himes’ GM career in Chicago

08.04.2014 ‘Gentleman’ or ‘Big,’ any nickname for Jim Hickman is beloved

07.29.2014 Baseball Under Glass: 1950s Latin players photo exhibit highlight of HOF

07.28.2014 Thomas can’t be faulted for teary speech

07.22.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Absolute affirmation in La Russa HOF induction

07.21.2014 ‘Teach me something’ was Maddux’s opening request in 30-year Hall of Fame journey

07.15.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Book it, Brosnan was game’s pioneering author of realism

07.14.2014 Documentary shows how father figures help push Thomas to Hall of Fame

07.08.2014 Cubs catch possible leader of 'Click Six' in Schwarber

07.07.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Ballgame no toy factory in raising housing $$$ for vets

07.01.2014 Storytelling, questions, curiosity about ‘Duty’ highlight annual event at The Cell

06.30.2014 Altman finally comes home to Wrigley

06.30.2014 Baseball Under Glass: At 84, Hemond leads nostalgia league in stamina

06.23.2014 Hemond talks about his baseball life at Green Diamond Gallery

06.23.2014 Baseball Under Glass: Hawks’ journey shows tripwires for titles that apply to baseball

06.23.2014 If 2 balls in play at once seems weird, then 3 must be a crowd

06.18.2014 Life definitely imitates art for El Duque at The Cell &
Baseball helps cross the great divide between Cuba, U.S.

06.17.2014 A multi-media celebration of Chicago’s own Double Duty Radcliffe

06.17.2014 Newsreel fest proves baseball history sells

06.11.2014 After 50 years, strange angles of Brock-for-Broglio lost to history

06.09.2014 Shift from WGN recalls old comfort zone for fans, station, Cubs

06.06.2014 ‘Steely eyes,’ chaw in cheek, dressing-down style – Zimmer had many faces

06.03.2014 Ginnetti eases up on her keyboard, goes to the dogs a little more

05.27.2014 Salzeider Family Charity leads the pack on rooftop no matter how low Cubs go

05.20.2014 A Ruth family member at Wrigley is a once-a-century treat

05.19.2014 Hemmed-in fan base challenge for Sox promoters

05.16.2014 ‘Chicago Civil Wars’ will bring baseball fans together at Elmhurst museum

05.12.2014 Dombrowski still knows value of a dollar even after shelling out nine-figure contracts

05.12.2014 Book, Cubs bobblehead bring the Babe’s Called Shot back to life

05.07.2014 Family just amateur singers, but Cubs’ honors for Donahue definitely on-key

05.02.2014 Sox’s Abreu on pace for Chicago’s greatest rookie power season

04.25.2014 Journeyman Raburn first among equals as Chicago killer

04.24.2014 100th birthday party rare for anything, but lucky for Wrigley Field

04.22.2014 Talk of Wrigley’s 100th birthday always leads into the future of the old ballyard

04.18.2014 Robinson’s legacy enduring and has lessons for today’s youth

04.11.2014 Personalities, as much as footage, carry WGN's special on Wrigley's 100 years

04.07.2014 40 years in journalism begin with an eye-opening tour of the ‘dog watch’

04.01.2014 ‘Wonderful Willie’s’ 1969 blast most memorable of Cubs opener events

03.30.2014 Doubleheader sweep, Feller no-hitter among impactful Sox Opening Day memories

03.27.2014 Remembering Tim Sassone

03.25.2014 Seventies openers featured as much fan action in and out of the stands as on the field

03.20.2014 Where have all the ‘Moe’s’ gone in baseball nicknames?

03.17.2014 Jenks taking it slow and easy this time after some unkind cuts

03.13.2014 McGuffey, Lauch hop aboard TV history with ‘Go-Pro’ camera

03.11.2014 Lesson for Leigh Ann: The first angle of a story isn’t always the best one

03.06.2014 Salvi likes ‘spick and span’ ballparks – and his RailCats, Boomers have cleaned up in the standings

03.01.2014 Ruggiano’s time with Dawson shows Cubs should bring back the Hawk to Wrigley Field

02.25.2014 Wrigley Field still has edge on Soldier Field in variety of sports, big events

02.21.2014 La Russa traces the rise and fall of the 1983 ‘Winning Ugly’ Sox

02.17.2014 La Russa 1979 promotion to Sox manager a surprise to future Hall of Famer

02.11.2014 Time for new show on Hubbs’ life

02.11.2014 ‘What if?' an intriguing concept for projecting out Hubbs’ career

02.07.2014 Bill Veeck: Remembering the good, the bad and the in-between on his 100th birthday

02.04.2014 Sox’s ‘The Bandit’ robbed foes of homers at old Comiskey

01.31.2014 They print ‘Wild Thing’ legend – but Williams loaded the bases with hits in ’89 Cubs opener

01.28.2014 Holtzman award wows CSN producers

01.28.2014 The award Cotts doesn’t yet have is the one that really marks the man

01.21.2014 ‘Wild Thing’ makes return as Pitch and Hit Banquet speaker

01.20.2014 Prior hoists one to his new career in the front office

01.16.2014 Fur shouldn’t fly with mascot debut

01.16.2014 Go, Clark, go! guest post by By David Raymond, Raymond Entertainment

01.16.2014 HOF inductee Big Hurt ranks near top in Chicago all-around offensive seasons

01.10.2014 Mea culpas, hindsight always too late when prize Cub escapes – and gets to Hall of Fame

01.03.2014 Deserving of Ford Frick Award, Vince Lloyd an enduring voice of summer

12.31.2013 ‘Harry’ is pulled from life’s game a bit early, and it smarts

12.27.2013 In memoriam: A 2003 conversation with ex-Sox catcher Ed Herrmann

12.23.2013 Thome never came through in the clutch as well as for Washington, Ill.

12.19.2013 Cincy’s embarrassment of baseball museum riches model for Chicago?

12.12.2013 Letter to the Editor, Chicago Tribune
"After reading [Tribune's 12/1 story on Whiting, IN], I found myself shaking my head in envy and amazement.", wrote John Vukmirovich of Chicago. Vukmirovich has two suggestions, "...Let's send the occupants of City Hall to Whiting..." and the paper could do a story of "...the economic and environmental plight of 10th Ward... The title for that article? 'Chicago strikes out.'"

11.29.2013 5-foot-6 ‘No Neck’ Williams stands tall in post-baseball life in Texas

11.26.2013 Prep players ACE a college future through Sox youth baseball program

11.22.2013 Pitch and Hit Club ‘Trout’ award sates anti-hunger activist Granderson

11.18.2013 History that was and could have been with JFK

11.15.2013 Memories from the late Chuck Tanner

11.08.2013 Sox’s Abreu latest chapter in Chicago’s long history of Cuban players

11.08.2013 CSN Chicago trio get Holtzman Award for ‘5 Outs’

11.05.2013 Boston fans don’t dress the part, but their rooting interest is otherwise more intense than Chicago’s

10.30.2013 Ray Herbert recalls surprise 20-win Sox season in ‘62

10.25.2013 Cubs try hard enough vs. Koufax to make him pitch a game and a half twice

10.22.2013 CBM World Series pickers lean toward Cardinals

10.18.2013 Baseball, Hitchcock themes meld in Bartman movie? Busfield likes the idea

10.15.2013 Historic reason to change your column

10.15.2013 Original Billy Goat’s expands outlets, but certainly no nay-sayer to tradition, legend

10.09.2013 Historic reason to change your column

10.08.2013 2003 Cubs just keep on giving via CSN Chicago’s longest-ever documentary

10.04.2013 Cubs keep falling into ‘Curse of Joe McCarthy’ on manager moves

10.01.2013 Snitker 36-year witness on how ‘content of character’ is byword for Braves’ success

09.30.2013 Konerko: Mr. White Sox for the new millennium

09.27.2013 Principals try casting their own characters in baseball version of ‘Hoosiers’

09.24.2013 ‘Enigmatic’ best definition of 1980s decade for Sox

09.24.2013 Liptak to contribute Sox history articles to CBM

09.20.2013 Floyd was good talker as player, so now he gets paid for that skill

09.17.2013 Long, hard slog through Cubs system preps Porter for big job in Houston

09.13.2013 Green roars in book, but still leaves out some key Cubs angles

09.11.2013 New book walks down memory lane of city's best sportswriting

09.10.2013 Green energy boosts MLB exec Lewis in her ’87 start with the Cubs

09.06.2013 Popular ex-Sox catcher Ed Herrmann in fight of his life

09.03.2013 Bo’s post-baseball work helps garner Beacon Award

08.30.2013 Aaron won’t ever forget his ‘homer that wasn’t’ in Holtzman’s no-hitter

08.27.2013 50th anniversary of March on Washington has special resonance for Sharon Robinson

08.23.2013 ‘DT’ put duty before his own agony – and earns Sox finalist honors in MLB program

08.20.2013 Riggleman: No reason for mistrust between baseball celebs and media

08.16.2013 ’13 slumping Sox still had nothing on ’99 crashing Cubs

08.13.2013 Sox benefited from ‘Illinois time’ in nailing stadium bill 25 years ago

08.09.2013 Close-knit family keeps Deacon White legend alive through the generations

08.06.2013 Indy-ball employees, players truly in it for ‘love of the game’

08.05.2013 By Comparison, Buck Looks Better Every Day

08.02.2013 One woman’s ‘journey’ to hear her late father Rube Walker’s voice

08.01.2013 Wall Street Journal: Hunting Shoeless Joe's Holy Grail
The WSJ quotes CBM Founder regarding the "long-lost signed confession of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson", "It's a big misnomer," said David Fletcher, the founder of the Chicago Baseball Museum, who is writing a revision of 'Eight Men Out'."

07.31.2013 Chicago Baseball Museum Studies 'Perfect Match' on Whiting Lakefront

07.30.2013 Hall of Fame speechwriting takes passion, detail work, discipline

07.26.2013 Johnson retires old Sox loyalties to develop Cubs kids at Kane County

07.23.2013 Fighting off hype as tough as fighting off knee-buckling pitches for young Cougars

07.19.2013 Disco Demolition photo exhibit at Elmhurst museum

07.19.2013 ‘Sox Fans On Deck’ loyal through thick... and now thin

07.15.2013 Kittle, Lynn put heads together,
only All-Star grand-slammer the end result

07.11.2013 All-Star Game brings back ‘Big George’s’ memories of pinch HR in 1961 at Candlestick Park

07.09.2013 Goats of human -- but not animal – kind on field, in front office for Cubs in July 1973

07.05.2013 Margaret Donahue’s nieces have treasure trove of memorabilia from her life

07.02.2013 Cubs’ Donahue far ahead of her time as baseball’s first female executive

06.27.2013 ‘Experience Baseball’ Chicago debut to raise funds for ‘Lost Boyz’ in South Shore

06.25.2013 Hawks champion blueprint one Cubs, Sox should follow

06.21.2013 Any of 3 Cubs’ finalists in national veterans program can proudly carry the flag

06.18.2013 Athletic shoes, race-walking talents, ability to cover off TV title-series necessities

06.14.2013 Rosales bleeds A’s green and gold, but roots are a close Park Ridge family

06.11.2013 Fewer media outlets covering baseball, but will the lords care?

06.11.2013 SABR 43 Panel Discussion 'Eight Men Out'

06.07.2013 Crazy schedule joins PEDs, video replay as baseball's headaches

06.04.2013 Oakland’s Coliseum proves flawed stadium doesn’t deter team

05.31.2013 Buzz for hockey, not for baseball, and it shows in TV ratings

05.28.2013 Proceeds from Pierce’s Chicago Cancer Charities have made a difference over 4 decades

05.24.2013 It takes a good baseball voice to honor the best voices of all time

05.21.2013 No-hitters generate unusual tidbits on which to chew through the decades

05.17.2013 ‘Rosey’ booked presidents for WGN; he now corrals support honoring the love of his life

05.14.2013 Lotzer brought order to potential chaos in Cardwell no-hitter telecast

05.10.2013 Marmol’s wanderlust pitches continue ignominious Cubs relief tradition

05.07.2013 ‘Forgotten’ Cubs 22-win lefty of ’63 all right in business, baseball

05.03.2013 Threat to move just off-hand remark – but night-games limitations still tough Cubs problem

04.30.2013 Now about that ‘common-sense’ call on Robert Fick at Wrigley Field...

04.26.2013 Piersall-Finley pairing was a riot

04.23.2013 Piersall and Uncle Bobby? What a morning jolt that would have been

04.19.2013 Theo needs to study 1984 Cubs as model Wrigley Field lineup, rotation

04.16.2013 Despite Hollywood treatments, '42' a necessary history lesson

04.12.2013 Not only the ball was white for 1950 Chicago American Giants

04.09.2013 Fame is the name within the game

04.05.2013 Past and present converge as Sox host MLB’s Civil Rights Game Aug. 24

04.02.2013 Testing one... or three... or five juicy meatballs part of good eatin’ process at The Cell

03.29.2013 Cubs 2013 preview: A bit better pitching, but rebuilding still grinds along slowly

03.26.2013 Sox 2013 preview: South Siders competitive, but Tigers just too strong

03.22.2013 Cubs’ ID can’t be torn to suburbs from 1060 W. Addison St.

03.19.2013 Making predictions as hazardous as a hanging curve with game on the line

03.15.2013 If long spring workdays make the man, then Sox’s Flowers will be All-Star

03.12.2013 Don’t put all your emotional eggs in prospects’ future baskets

03.08.2013 Bogusevic beyond irony as childhood Sox fan trying to make Cubs

03.05.2013 History lesson for Trout: Rookies once were paid firmly middle-class wages

03.01.2013 ‘Pistol’ Pete Ward: No regrets about great Sox career that wasn’t

02.26.2013 This time, Cubs can’t flush chance to get a lift from Wrigley renovation

02.22.2013 Thanks to Wrigley, market-rate TV rights fees never a part of the long WGN-Cubs marriage

02.19.2013 They’re gone a decade, but Vince Lloyd’s, Red Mottlow’s voices remind of eternal friendships

02.15.2013 New Cub Hairston completes family circle – all 5 big leaguers have played for Chicago teams

02.12.2013 Cast off twice by Yankees, Lincolnwood’s Kontos finds his heart in San Francisco

02.07.2013 Rizzo brings a healthy grounding of Chicago to Washington’s budding baseball power

02.04.2013 Hail to The Chiefs

01.28.2013 La Russa’s lord of the rings, but ‘Winning Ugly’ Sox cuts to his soul

01.24.2013 Hall of Fame broadcaster Hamilton no stranger to Pitch and Hit Club banquet

01.20.2013 Wood’s Winter Warm-up stoked by huge turnout

01.11.2013 Ex-Illini baseball coach Eilbracht led a full life, prepped others to do the same

01.09.2013 HOF Voters Say No to Steroids Era

01.06.2013 Vance Law: ‘Winning Ugly’ third baseman, Cubs All-Star now Sox minor-league instructor

01.02.2013 Legendary Sam Hairston first among equals in family honor from scouts’ organization

12.31.2012 New Era Has Begun in HOF Process

12.28.2012 ‘Harry’s Diary’ elusive missing link to Black Sox Scandal

12.26.2012 Night Games Part III: Shift Work Disorder (SWD) affects Cubs players, factors in late-season collapses

12.23.2012 Night Games Part II: Wrigley reverses original 1941 plan for lights, but crimps Cubs in the process

12.21.2012 Night Games Part I: More Wrigley night games last of 3 legs Cubs must stand on to reach World Series

12.19.2012 La Russa joins Gossage as Boudreau award winner at Pitch And Hit Club banquet Jan. 27

12.17.2012 Impartial arbiter, new Hall of Famer O’Day was slanted to Chicago in personal life

12.14.2012 Free agents dampen wheeling-dealing at 21st Century winter meetings

12.12.2012 In another homecoming, Hall of Famer Gossage to keynote Pitch ‘N Hit Club Banquet

12.10.2012 Minnie documentary details a Hall of Fame-caliber personal life, career on WTTW-TV

12.06.2012 First-guessing, honesty about player foibles necessary for Cubs TV analyst Deshaies

12.05.2012 ‘Alou Makes the Catch’ changes Cubs history, mostly for the better

12.03.2012 Dickson Selected for Holtzman Award

11.30.2012 Wiggins Served Game as Player, Ambassador

11.29.2012 Veeck Biographer Paul Dickson Wins 5th Annual Holtzman Award

11.27.2012 Minoso 90? 88? 87? Age only a state of (your) mind as Sox legend stays active

11.12.2012 Working-Joe players answered their country’s call along with the stars: The Babe Meers Story - 1st Cub to enlist in WWII

10.29.2012 CBM Poll: It's Tigers in Landslide

10.29.2012 CBM World Series Predictions

10.22.2012 CBM World Series Prediction Request

09.03.2012 Years Later, Pappas Remains Center of Perfect Storm

08.23.2012 Friendship as Priceless as National Pastime

08.16.2012 CBM Symposium to Celebrate Veeck Legacy

08.03.2012 Will Raines, Smith Benefit from Steroids Fallout?

06.26.2012 Ed Spiezio interview with the Morris (Ill.) Daily Herald

06.26.2012 Emotional Tribute Leaves '72 White Sox in Want of More

06.18.2012 Allen, Gossage Highlight CBM Autograph Event

06.15.2012 Limited Tickets Available for '72 White Sox Tribute

06.12.2012 Allen Says Thank You, Chicago

06.11.2012 Dick Allen interview with WLS-AM Radio

05.16.2012 Hickey Beat Long Odds to Realize His Dream

05.08.2012 Brickhouse Benefit Set for May 31 in Orland Park

05.02.2012 New Veeck Biography Is Comprehensive, Overdue

04.27.2012 Ex-White Sox Skowron Was Chicago Original

04.07.2012 It's Easy to Digest Kuenster's Passion for Game

03.22.2012 Allen, 1972 White Sox to Be Honored at CBM Fundraiser

01.30.2012 Team Hemond Makes Memorable Return

01.13.2012 Newcomers in Spotlight at Cubs Convention

01.12.2012 Selig Will Be Guest at SoxFest Opener

12.29.2011 Dawson Is Featured Guest at Pitch & Hit Club Banquet

12.23.2011 Ageless Minoso Merits Holtzman Award

12.15.2011 Minoso 'Hurts' but Won't Stop Believin'

12.05.2011 ‘Thank God!’ Santo Gains Hall of Fame Induction at Last

12.04.2011 Santo, Minoso Face Tough Crowd in Hall of Fame Bids

12.03.2011 CBM advocates for Minoso's Hall of Fame bid

11.29.2011 Making the Case for Minnie Minoso

11.18.2011 Restless Minoso Waits for Final Wish to Be Granted

11.14.2011 O'Neil Turns 100, but His Story Remains Ageless

11.03.2011 Minoso, Santo Take Their Best Shots at Hall Honors

10.31.2011 Be Warned, St. Louie – Chicago Is World Serious

10.25.2011 History Says Epstein Can Make It Happen Again

10.19.2011 Experts Have Their Say: Hamilton, Rangers in Six

10.19.2011 Link to Black Sox, Old Copper League Passes Away

10.12.2011 Untested Ventura Carries Torch for White Sox Way

10.10.2011 2011 Season Was Double Dose of Disappointment

02.14.2011 Tanner Made His Mark with Passion, Enthusiasm

01.24.2011 SoxFest Marked by Hope, Optimism for New Season

01.21.2011 Ex-slugger Zernial Connected in More Ways Than One

01.05.2011 Moore Named Recipient of Jerome Holtzman Award

01.03.2011 Marmol, Konerko Head List of 2010 Award-winners

12.16.2010 Feller Dies at 92; Hurled Opening Day Gem in Chicago

12.10.2010 Embattled Santo Had No Bad Days, Only Good Ones

12.10.2010 Santo Impact Extended Far Beyond Baseball Field

11.22.2010 Callahan Dies at 52; Former EIU, SIU Head Coach

11.08.2010 CBM Historians Featured in 1919 Black Sox Production

11.02.2010 Local Experts Have Their Say on World Series

10.13.2010 2010 Season Had Its Share of Memorable Moments

10.05.2010 Chicago Baseball Museum Film Is Hit in Cooperstown

09.07.2010 O'Neil Documentary Selected for Hall of Fame Festival

08.07.2010 CBM Team Makes Its Case at SABR National Convention

08.05.2010 Night with White Sox Fundraiser Set at U.S. Cellular Field

07.28.2010 Flyers, Chicago Baseball Museum Give Dawson His Due

07.05.2010 White Sox Pay Celebrate Comiskey Park Anniversary

07.01.2010 Comiskey Park Memories Still Linger

06.28.2010 White Sox Take Two More, Claim First Crosstown Cup

06.14.2010 White Sox Get Jump on Cubs in Crosstown Series

05.06.2010 CBM Pays Tribute to Feller, Opening Day Performance

04.21.2010 Night with Cubs Is An Affair to Remember

03.29.2010 Seventy Years Ago, Feller Made History in Chicago

02.17.2010 CBM Plans Tribute to Feller, No-hitter

01.06.2010 Dawson Gets Hall Pass as Lone '10 Inductee

12.22.2009 Buehrle, Perfect Game Lead CBM Award-winners

12.21.2009 Bernardoni Selected for Holtzman Award

12.18.2009 CBM Announces Plan to Repair Brickhouse Statue

11.17.2009 Reinsdorf: CBM Film 'Important' for Future Generations'

11.13.2009 CBM Raises Funds for Brickhouse Statue

09.09.2009 CBM Researchers Go to Bat for Shoeless Joe Jackson

08.28.2009 Black Sox, Blackouts and Banning of Buck Weaver

07.13.2009 Black Sox Author Gene Carney Passes Away

07.02.2009 White Sox Pay Tribute to Negro League All-Star Game

06.09.2009 Fifty Years Later, Legend of Big Klu Still Lives Large

06.01.2009 Debut of Little Cubs Field Draws a Crowd

03.03.2009 White Sox Open New Spring home with Better Results

02.16.2009 Baseball Is Biggest Winner at Pitch & Hit Club Banquet

01.12.2009 Dr. Fletcher, Thome Head Pitch & Hit Club Honorees

11.07.2008 Pierce Recollects His Close Call with Perfection

07.22.2008 Holtzman: Dean of Sportswriters, Inventor of Save

07.21.2008 Holtzman Library, Research Center Will Preserve Legacy

08.27.2007 Charles Comiskey II Dies; Grandson of Legendary Owner

03.01.2007 Dr. Fletcher Has Plan to Celebrate Chicago Baseball

11.17.2006 Doctor Bids to Provide Chicago with Baseball Museum

10.16.2006 O'Neil Made His Mark As Trail Blazer, Ambassador

12.06.2005 Selig responds to Sen. Obama's Plea to Free Buck

11.23.2005 Obama Appeals to MLB for Weaver's Reinstatement

09.06.2005 Lobbyist Becomes First to Lend CBM Support

08.11.2005 Double Duty Radcliffe Dies; Negro League Star

07.11.2005 Dr. Fletcher Selected for Hilda Award

03.08.2005 Chicago to Get Its Own Baseball Museum?

03.08.2005 Proposed Baseball Museum Is More than a Dream

Gabby Hartnett, Chicago Cubs


Gabby Hartnett

December 20, 1900

Woonsocket, RI



April 12, 1922

Primary Position:
Infield (C)

Primary Team:
Chicago Cubs

Hall of Fame:
Inducted in 1955