Day: December 17, 2016

1996: Bonds says he’s not a ‘golden child,’ but Jordan is

By on December 17, 2016

Bonds says he's not a 'golden child,' but Jordan is - This CBM vintage baseball podcast features Barry Bond.

A svelte, sleek Barry Bonds as a Pittsburgh Pirate in the early 1990s. He had virtually the same physique in the 1996 interview featured here. (Photo is courtesy of the Leo Bauby Collection.)

The Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting classic interviews from the archives of CBM historian George Castle’s “Diamond Gems” syndicated weekly baseball radio show, which aired from 1994 to 2010.

In this segment from Aug. 7, 1996, superstar Barry Bonds gives a revealing (and nearly bizarre) insight into his personality. The one-on-one interview with George Castle was taped at Wrigley Field eight days previously. Bond’s stream of consciousness gives some good clues why he became enmeshed in the performance enhancement drugs issue starting three years later. He apparently was prompted by the Mark McGwire-Sammy Sosa home-run chase of 1998.

Bonds motivations back then are now more timely than ever. He is now on the Hall of Fame ballot, just released, for the first time. However, his connection with the PED era will likely cancel out a legitimate Cooperstown candidacy among BBWAA voters choosing the inductees.

“The Diamond Gems Flashback” also features photos of the interviewees from the one-of-a-kind Leo Bauby Photo Collection, emphasizing Chicago baseball. Many photos are available to the general public directly on Ebay via seller name Soxphotos soxphotos | eBay.

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