Day: January 9, 2017

1995 — Vin Scully recalls his own ‘clock’ calling no-hitters

Vin Scully recalls his own 'clock' calling no-hitters - This CBM vintage baseball podcast features 1995 conversation at Wrigley Field with Vin Scully

Vin Scully sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at spring training in 2008. Photo credit Craigfnp at en.wikipedia.

By on January 9, 2017

The Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting classic interviews from the archives of CBM historian George Castle’s “Diamond Gems” syndicated weekly baseball radio show, which aired from 1994 to 2010.

This edition features a 1995 conversation at Wrigley Field with Hall of Fame broadcasters’ wing member Vin Scully. Regarded by many as the finest play-by-play announcer in history, the Dodgers’ Scully continues his own amazing feat, working in his 64th season since starting as Red Barber’s junior sidekick in Brooklyn. He explains how he developed the style of calling out the time and date during no-hitters, a description most pronounced in the ninth inning of Sandy Koufax’s Sept. 9, 1965 perfect game against the Cubs.

“The Diamond Gems Flashback” also features photos of the interviewees from the one-of-a-kind Leo Bauby Photo Collection, emphasizing Chicago baseball. Many photos are available to the general public directly on Ebay via seller name Soxphotos soxphotos | eBay.

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