Late 1960s — Durocher skewers writers, radio voices in gag tapings of pre-game show

Late 1960s - Durocher in gag tapings of pre-game show: Leo Durocher - This CBM vintage baseball podcast features Leo Durocher's radio pre-game show.

Leo Durocher may have been tough for the media to handle, but when money was on the line, as in the sale of his trading cards, he always was a willing photo subject.

By on January 14, 2017

The Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting classic interviews from the archives of CBM historian George Castle’s “Diamond Gems” syndicated weekly baseball radio show, which aired from 1994 to 2010.

This edition features several gag tapings of Cubs manager Leo Durocher’s radio pre-game show “Durocher in the Dugout” recorded in the late 1960s and played three decades later on “Diamond Gems.” Durocher spared no one in the Cubs traveling party. With his trademark foul mouth, appropriately bleeped here, he skewered those who covered him. Some funny dialogue still slips through in the “clean” parts of the tapes.

“The Diamond Gems Flashback” also features photos of the interviewees from the one-of-a-kind Leo Bauby Photo Collection, emphasizing Chicago baseball. Many photos are available to the general public directly on Ebay via seller name Soxphotos soxphotos | eBay.

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