Chicago Baseball Museum Foundation

The Chicago Baseball Museum began as a dream for Dr. David Fletcher. After a successful feasibility study was conducted in 2004, Dr. Fletcher hired a development director to guide the process of the Chicago Baseball Museum from conceptualization and verbal support, to sound backing for a nonprofit organization.

The Chicago Baseball Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that will collect, preserve, document, research, and interpret artifacts and events which are associated with the legacy, evolution and contemporary life of Chicago baseball.

The Chicago Baseball Museum will begin collecting and displaying prints, photographs, objects and artifacts in specially designed galleries tailored to some of the following preliminary categories:

  • Major Leagues
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Minor Leagues
  • Negro Leagues
  • All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
  • 16” Softball
  • Chicago Baseball Broadcasting

Each gallery will tell a unique, comprehensive, and historic tale of Chicago baseball focusing on the developments, milestones, personnel and perspectives ranging from the sport’s inception to present day. Additional thematic galleries will explore topics and events more narrowly focused but within the realm of the aforementioned topics. Themed galleries may include:

  • Chicago Baseball Hall of Fame
  • The 1919 ‘Black Sox’ Scandal
  • Inaugural All-Star Game
  • Chicago baseball magistrates
  • Chicago ballparks and special events
  • Disco Demolition
  • The Beatles concerts
  • The Comiskey Family
  • The Wrigley Family
  • The Veeck Family
  • Chicago baseball fans

Public programs and events for families and adults will supplement the exhibition experience and encourage individuals to engage the collections at the Chicago Baseball Museum. Programs will include appraisal workshops on collecting and collectibles; seminars on uniforms and equipment, broadcasting techniques, and the business of baseball; baseball skills challenges; lectures and debates on team and league development and contemporary history; annual fundraising galas and Museum board and member receptions; festivals and community events; and more.

Bill Foster - Chicago American Giants - media available by the Chicago Baseball Museum Foundation

Bill Foster – Chicago American Giants

The Museum will strive to offer a wide range of educational programs for students. Reproduction artifacts, documents, taped broadcasts, and other materials will be used in programs involving inquiry-driven, interactive learning. The Chicago Baseball Museum will reach out to the school systems throughout the Midwest to develop mutually beneficial programs and events. Middle and high school students can also be served through a teen internship program that will enable participants to research historical topics through the use of primary sources and artifacts while also furthering their critical and analytical thinking skills. Pre-and-post-visit materials for school tours and outreach programs can be developed to include lesson plans and learning activities for use by teachers.